Comcast/NBCUniversal to stream same day as screens

Things look bad at the moment, but that’s probably because change is hard and scary. One thing that should have been a no brainer was that the route to salvaging the movie industry was to move it home, and COVID-19 may have accomplished that.

As a parent I think I’ve been to five movies in 6 years with the kids. I cannot make it. I will not subject my kids to 40 minutes of preview and then a movie of questionable interest while plunking down $50 or so to get out there.

It’s not a torture I want to pay for especially when I can’t pause it and resume the next day after whatever fight or meltdown has happened.

So yeah, Comcast NBC Universal is going to be releasing movies in theater and at home at the same time. At least for the moment.

This may kill theaters, or it may simply prevent parents from pirating, seniors from snatching movies, and teens from doing whatever it is teens do at the movie theaters.

My guess is the parenting side will be a major win in terms of income. We’ll see.


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