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/ Source: TODAY

By Drew Weisholtz

You may have already suspected this, but people are really passionate about coffee.

Delish confirmed this in spades when it posted a coffee-and-cream chart on its Instagram page, a grid featuring photos of various cups of coffee with different amounts of cream in them that had java enthusiasts buzzing.

“Which ☕ are you?? (Anyone who is A1… WE NEED TO TALK.)” it read.

The post stirred up reaction that was stronger than any morning cup o’ joe.

“Going to start dating ppl solely on their coordinates,” one commenter wrote, without revealing his or her preference.

“If you drink it any way other than D4, you’re not drinking coffee right,” another person said.

A lot of people like a nice cup of black coffee.Shutterstock

A lot of people voiced their love for the darkest option, F6.

“If you’re not F6 you don’t like coffee,” someone wrote.

Not everyone was in that camp, however.

March 2, 201902:43

“F6 that brown water!” someone else wrote.

And, yes, some folks chimed in with their preferences for cream-intensive A1, which sent some bewildered coffee drinkers into a tailspin.

“I’m calling the cops,” one person responded to someone who voted A1.

July 3, 201802:12

All coffee? All cream? Feel free to have this debate with your friends and family over a steaming hot cuppa … you know.