CHOETECH 18W USB PD Charger Quick Review

We all have devices and we all occasionally need an additional or replacement charger. CHOETECH has been one of my go-to manufacturers for accessories for years so I was happy to receive their 18W USB PD charger and USB C to Lightning cable for review. Here are my quick thoughts and testing results.

USB Power Delivery is sort of the new hotness in charging tech. It’s a standard that is being increasingly adopted by laptop, phone, tablet, and accessory manufacturers like Huawei, Dell, Apple, Google, LG, and more. Essentially, it allows you to use the same chargers to charge a wide range of devices consistently. There are some intricacies around what devices support what wattage levels but it is enough to know that any USB PD charger can successfully charge any USB PD supported device.

CHOETECH’s latest USB PD charger supports up to 18W charging which, not coincidentally, is the max charging wattage that Apple’s recent iPhones (8, X, XS, and 11 series) can handle. But where Apple charges $29 for their charging brick, the CHOETECH can be had for as low as $13 from Amazon. Pair that with CHOETECH’s $10 2 meter USB C to Lightning cable and you’ve got a complete modern iPhone charging system for under $25. Of course, the brick works with other cables as well and safely charges just about any modern Android phone.

So how does it perform? Quite well and just as you’d expect from a standards compliant charger. My testing is done with an iPhone XS Max and the CHOETECH basically matches exactly Apple’s charging brick. And that’s just how it should be and it shows why standards matter. Consistency across manufacturers is a big win for consumers and a drastic difference from the charging landscape of a few years ago.

0 minutes 5% 5%
+30 minutes 49% 48%
+60 minutes 78% 77%
+90 minutes 92% 90%
+120 minutes 96% 96%
+140 minutes 100% 100%

If you are in the market for a new charger and your device supports USB PD then definitely consider the CHOETECH charger. The prices is good and performance is spot on.

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