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DENVER, Dec. 2, 2019 /PRNewswire/ — Following in the success of Small Business Saturday, Kicco Koffie is already supporting small businesses and entrepreneurs across the globe by brewing up the perfect blend of organic CBD-infused coffee and micro-loans for emerging businesses.

Sourcing its beans directly and roasting them through the only woman-owned roastery in Colorado, Kicco Koffie fills a market need for CBD products offered by a company with a strong social mission. The CBD coffee company donates $1 for every pound of beans sold to fund microloans, supporting small businesses across the globe. With more and more consumers turning to CBD to support issues ranging from anxiety and depression to natural pain relief, the collective market for CBD sales in the United States is expected to surpass $20 billion by 2024, according recent research.

“We are more than just coffee, more than CBD and more than our social entrepreneurship program,” said Andrea Pignata, co-founder, Kicco Koffie. “We bring together our mission with the best organic CBD-infused coffee available, supporting coffee and CBD lovers across the world while making the world a better place to live.”

Kicco Koffie partners with international nonprofits to address the underlying barriers to financial access. Micro-loans funded by sales proceeds can help students pay tuition, allow entrepreneurs to launch new businesses, give farmers the means to invest in necessary equipment and help families afford emergency care. The company aims to fund 10,000 small businesses in 10 years through partnerships and donations.

“When you enjoy a cup of Kicco Koffie, you can kickstart your day with a deliciously balanced cup of CBD-infused coffee while investing in humans and small businesses worldwide,” Pignata added.

In addition to its focus on individuals and organizations around the world, Kicco Koffie is deeply embedded in the Colorado economy, partnering with a variety of fair-trade and organic farms. The organic, non-GMO hemp used to infuse the coffee is organically grown in Colorado and the beans are roasted in Denver. The company owners hail from Italy but now make their home in Denver.

Available in Columbia and Guatemala blends, Kicco Koffie can be purchased online or in local Denver stores. 

About Kicco Koffie
With the goal of improving lives all over the world – one cup of CBD-infused coffee at a time – Kicco Koffie is a Denver-based roasts organic hemp-derived CBD coffee that roasts its beans through the only female-owned roaster in Colorado. As a purpose-driven company, Kicco Koffie donates one dollar for each pound of coffee sold to fund emerging businesses around the globe. For more information or to place an order, visit https://www.kiccokoffie.com/.

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/kiccokoffie/

SOURCE Kicco Koffie LLC

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