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Build a Garden Anywhere With the $20 Urban & Zen Gardening Mastery Bundle – Futurism

Gardening is good for you in a surprising number of ways. Since it’s moderate physical activity, it’s a good way to get some exercise in while taking in some fresh air and sun. Research has found tending to a garden helps your mental health, helping to ease your mind. Gardening is also useful for the […]

Stairway & Hall Makeovers

I’m not sure why I have waited so long to share the stairway makeover. I guess it is partly because it was not as dramatic as a room makeover. It is also an awkward area to try and photograph since it is so narrow and steep. But I finally decided to just try. I was […]

Nursery offers gardening tips for dealing with summer heat – KRTV Great Falls News

GREAT FALLS — The 90-degree temperatures can take a toll on people and pets, but it also affects plants and trees. Gardening experts at Forde Nursery say watering plants, trees, and shrubs is key during extreme heat. They advise bringing out the gardening hose, putting it on low and letting the water sink into the […]

Why You Need A Battery Inverter While Camping {GIVEAWAY}

Growing up when we went camping we always roughed it. We always stayed in a tent, we never stayed at an actual campground, we packed in everything we needed including water, and packed everything back out. To me, that is “real” camping. As an adult, I admit I enjoy a few conveniences like staying at […]

Tips For Painting Metal {Garden Bench Makeover + GIVEAWAY}

I got a new garden bench but wanted to customize it a bit so it would better fit in with the existing outdoor decor. The bench is metal. If you don’t follow the right steps the paint on metal won’t last, especially if it repeatedly gets sprayed with sprinklers. I have learned that the hard […]