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Nursery offers gardening tips for dealing with summer heat – KRTV Great Falls News

GREAT FALLS — The 90-degree temperatures can take a toll on people and pets, but it also affects plants and trees. Gardening experts at Forde Nursery say watering plants, trees, and shrubs is key during extreme heat. They advise bringing out the gardening hose, putting it on low and letting the water sink into the […]

Why You Need A Battery Inverter While Camping {GIVEAWAY}

Growing up when we went camping we always roughed it. We always stayed in a tent, we never stayed at an actual campground, we packed in everything we needed including water, and packed everything back out. To me, that is “real” camping. As an adult, I admit I enjoy a few conveniences like staying at […]

Tips For Painting Metal {Garden Bench Makeover + GIVEAWAY}

I got a new garden bench but wanted to customize it a bit so it would better fit in with the existing outdoor decor. The bench is metal. If you don’t follow the right steps the paint on metal won’t last, especially if it repeatedly gets sprayed with sprinklers. I have learned that the hard […]

Centuries-Old Gardening Hoes Made of Bison Bone Found in Canada – Smithsonian Magazine

SmartNews Keeping you current The tools provide evidence that the region’s Indigenous population practiced agriculture pre-European contact Researchers unearthed this bison-bone hoe in Manitoba, Canada. (Mary Malainey) July 21, 2020 12:41PM Indigenous farmers in what is now Manitoba, Canada, once used a pair of bison shoulder blades as gardening hoes, reports CBC News. Eric […]

Gardening, The Beach, & Attic Progress

Summer always seems to take forever to get here and then it races along and is gone before we know it. I thought I’d share some highlights from our summer so far. Our Garden Last year I planted our garden so late! I had spent most of the spring creating our new secret garden so […]

Crushing On: Bold Tile

I’ve got a bathroom reno coming up and I’m so torn between going neutral or going bold with the tile. Neutral is safe and will last longer without the fear of it going out of style, but the bolder options are just so much fun! Since I went with white in my last bathroom makeover, […]

Gardening more popular than ever amid pandemic – WVIR

CHARLOTTESVILLE, Va. (WVIR) – It’s the height of gardening season, and the pandemic has made the hobby more popular than ever. Gardens are thriving at Azalea Park in Charlottesville, where in-city resident gardeners can rent plots for $50 a year. Some renters say despite it being an unusual year, their gardens are happy. “It’s just […]

Wed 8:30 | Why And How: Our Gardening Questions Answered – Jefferson Public Radio

You’re home more, there’s a patch of dirt out there… why NOT make a garden? It’s not too late for this year, and plenty of people are keeping gardens for the first time during the pandemic. Lynn Kunstman of the Jackson County Master Gardeners Association visits once a week to talk about the many things […]

Wed 8:30 | July Arrives In The Garden: Gardening Q & A – Jefferson Public Radio

Now that July is here, Everything Changes in the garden. If you’ve been paying attention to our gardening segment so far, you know that’s a lie. Slow and steady wins the race to get good things growing in the ground near you. And since more people are maintaining gardens this year, we feature a weekly […]

DIY Concrete Fountain

I revealed the backyard landscaping project last week and you were all so kind! I am excited to be sharing the tutorial for the DIY concrete fountain. It was one of those projects where it could have been an epic fail. I had never done a large scale concrete project before. I think Shane and […]