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Hawaiian BBQ Chicken “Big Ass Salad” Bowls with Quick Pickles Recipe

All raw. All cooked. A little of both. With meat, or without. Artfully arranged in a pretty plate or thrown together in a to-go container as your run out the door. There are infinite ways to assemble your “Big Ass Salad.” What’s the best way to make yours? The best “Big Ass Salad” is the […]

What Is Sarcopenia and How Can You Defeat It?

When most people worry about getting old, they focus on the obvious degenerative diseases like diabetes and cancer and Alzheimer’s or the catastrophic health emergencies that can occur, like strokes or heart attacks. They think about the melange of medicines they might have to take, the panicked rush to the ER in the dead of […]

As alergias merecem cuidados durante a pandemia

Neste contexto atípico de pandemia, cuidados com as alergias devem ser maiores. Esse é o alerta da Associação Brasileira de Alergia e Imunologia (ASBAI). A médica e coordenadora da Comissão de Assuntos Comunitários da associação, Fátima Emerson, destaca que a coincidência dos sintomas de alergias, especialmente respiratórias, e da covid-19 requer atenção especial. A rinite, […]

The challenges of positive parenting – BBC News

Voicing off-trend views can have unexpected consequences, however. Ariadne Brill, a psychologist and positive parenting advocate based in Switzerland, got thrown out of a positive parenting group on Facebook for suggesting that a child who was hitting his dog should be temporarily separated from the animal, rather than simply being told to stop or letting […]

5 Reasons You Can’t Quit Sugar

Let me guess. You’ve been on keto for 5-6 months and enthusiastically thinking this is how you’ll finally wrangle your sugar cravings into submission! You’re loading up on healthy fats, avoiding grains, and ditching highly processed, high-carb foods. Yet there’s that incessant nagging. You know, the one that tells you that life is too short […]

Sugar-free Strawberry Pink Drink (with Violet Drink Variation)

We’re pushing the peak of summer heat, which means refreshing beverages are an all day, every day requirement. This strawberry pink drink is for those times you want something chilled, creamy, and softly sweet. We make ours with collagen, which is something your body needs anyway. No shame in getting hooked on this pink drink, […]

Electrostatic Precipitator Systems Market 2020 In Depth Analysis by Industry Verticals, Size, Share, Key Players and Forecast 2026 | PPC Air Polution Control Sytems, Mevadhashma, Sistemi – 3rd Watch News

“ Exclusive Market Research Report on Global Electrostatic Precipitator Systems Market with Industry Analysis, Size, Share, Trends, Growth Opportunities, Competitive Landscape, Investment Strategies and Forecast by 2026. The report contains in-depth information on all the key aspects of the global Electrostatic Precipitator Systems market. This report contains important data such as facts & figures, market […]

Self-Efficacy: Reach Your Health Goals Every Time

Who’s that person? Nope, it’s not me. Although health coaches are a great resource for helping you set goals, overcome obstacles, and get out of your own well-intentioned way. For the record, that person is also not your spouse, your roommate, your friends, or your kids. The one person who can make you reach all […]

Grilled Greek Summer Veggies Recipe

When planning a BBQ menu, the meat is usually the star, and the sides are an afterthought. With this Grilled Greek Summer Veggies recipe, a platter overflowing with colorful marinated and grilled vegetables steals the show. This is the perfect vegetable side dish for summer. It’s very no-fuss, keeps well in the refrigerator to eat […]

Working While Parenting Is a Reality of Covid-19. One University Tried to Forbid It. – The Chronicle of Higher Education

[Updated (7/2/2020, 11 a.m.) with Florida State University’s announcement of revisions to its child-care policy for remote work.] During a chaotic spring semester, when the Covid-19 pandemic forced parents and kids to work and study from home, it wasn’t uncommon for a child to pop up on a parent’s Zoom screen needing help with homework, […]