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How air pollution exacerbates Covid-19 – BBC News

Some cities have hatched plans to avoid this. Milan, which lies in Italy’s worst-hit region of Lombardy, plans to emerge from the lockdown with cleaner transport options in place. “The aim is to ensure the virus spreading containment through soft and sustainable mobility solutions,” Milan’s mayor Giuseppe Sala. “It is key that [lifting the lockdown] […]

Air pollution goes down as Europe takes hard measures to combat coronavirus – European Environment Agency

 UPDATE – MONDAY, 6 APRIL 2020: to assess how coronavirus measures have affected concentrations of air pollution, the EEA has developed a viewer that tracks the weekly average concentrations of nitrogen dioxide (NO2) and particulate matter (PM10 and PM2.5).  CHECK CONCENTRATIONS IN DATA VIEWER. The EEA has received many questions about the impacts of the stark measures to […]

Alergia alimentar

No Brasil não há estatísticas oficiais, porém, a prevalência parece se assemelhar com a literatura internacional, que mostra cerca de 8% das crianças, com até dois anos de idade, e 2% dos adultos com algum tipo de alergia alimentar. – O que é alergia alimentar? Alergia alimentar é uma resposta anômala do sistema imunológico contra […]

The Definitive Guide to Breaking Bad Habits

Over the past few months, you’ve probably picked up a few habits you might not be thrilled with right now. Maybe your new normal has you staring mindlessly at the fridge looking for something snacky (and packing on a few extra pounds). Putting your workouts off ‘til the gym reopens. Or managing your stress with […]

Refreshing Summer Mocktail Recipes Using Alcohol Alternatives

There’s something about a cocktail that can turn any mundane activity into a celebration. The colorful garnish, the refreshing fizz, the pretty glass… it’s the whole package. For various reasons you just might not want alcohol. That doesn’t mean you have to skip out on the cocktail experience. These mocktails feature Ritual alcohol alternatives, which […]

Parenting: Helping your picky eater – KATC Lafayette News

New research may answer the age-old parenting question, “why is my child such a picky eater?”It turns out that parents may be to blame.The researchers followed a group of about 300 children and their parents for five years. They found the more demanding and restrictive a parent was- the pickier the child became. They say […]

Hawaiian BBQ Chicken “Big Ass Salad” Bowls with Quick Pickles Recipe

All raw. All cooked. A little of both. With meat, or without. Artfully arranged in a pretty plate or thrown together in a to-go container as your run out the door. There are infinite ways to assemble your “Big Ass Salad.” What’s the best way to make yours? The best “Big Ass Salad” is the […]

What Is Sarcopenia and How Can You Defeat It?

When most people worry about getting old, they focus on the obvious degenerative diseases like diabetes and cancer and Alzheimer’s or the catastrophic health emergencies that can occur, like strokes or heart attacks. They think about the melange of medicines they might have to take, the panicked rush to the ER in the dead of […]

As alergias merecem cuidados durante a pandemia

Neste contexto atípico de pandemia, cuidados com as alergias devem ser maiores. Esse é o alerta da Associação Brasileira de Alergia e Imunologia (ASBAI). A médica e coordenadora da Comissão de Assuntos Comunitários da associação, Fátima Emerson, destaca que a coincidência dos sintomas de alergias, especialmente respiratórias, e da covid-19 requer atenção especial. A rinite, […]

Sugar-free Strawberry Pink Drink (with Violet Drink Variation)

We’re pushing the peak of summer heat, which means refreshing beverages are an all day, every day requirement. This strawberry pink drink is for those times you want something chilled, creamy, and softly sweet. We make ours with collagen, which is something your body needs anyway. No shame in getting hooked on this pink drink, […]