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Keto Chai Ice Cream Bon Bons Recipe

Bon bons sound so fancy, don’t they? It’s like saying “ice cream bites,” but with a French accent and a posh flair. You may get the impression that ice cream bon bons are difficult to make, but here’s a secret: they’re easy. If you can scoop ice cream, you can pull it off. And if you […]

Parenting Children in the Age of Screens – Pew Research Center’s Internet and American Life Project

Pew Research Center has long studied the changing nature of parenting and family dynamics as well as the adoption of digital technologies. This report focuses on how children engage with digital technologies, screens and social media, as well as parents’ attitudes about these behaviors, their concerns about their child’s use of technology, and their own […]

What Is Low Carb Flu, or Keto Flu? And Ways to Beat It

Over the first few days (up to two weeks) of eating low-carb, you may run into some frustration. Where is all of this energy I’m supposed to have? Why do I want to mow through that bag of chips right now? Am I coming down with a cold? For some people, the transition from burning […]

How air pollution exacerbates Covid-19 – BBC News

Some cities have hatched plans to avoid this. Milan, which lies in Italy’s worst-hit region of Lombardy, plans to emerge from the lockdown with cleaner transport options in place. “The aim is to ensure the virus spreading containment through soft and sustainable mobility solutions,” Milan’s mayor Giuseppe Sala. “It is key that [lifting the lockdown] […]

Air pollution goes down as Europe takes hard measures to combat coronavirus – European Environment Agency

 UPDATE – MONDAY, 6 APRIL 2020: to assess how coronavirus measures have affected concentrations of air pollution, the EEA has developed a viewer that tracks the weekly average concentrations of nitrogen dioxide (NO2) and particulate matter (PM10 and PM2.5).  CHECK CONCENTRATIONS IN DATA VIEWER. The EEA has received many questions about the impacts of the stark measures to […]