Caffe Luna Rosa raises minimum wage rate to $12 per hour for staff – Delray Newspaper

Popular beachside restaurant Caffe Luna Rosa is raising the bar again by raising its minimum wage rates for employees to $12 per hour.

Six year ago, the restaurant bumped its minimum wage to $10.10 an hour and beginning April 1, several employees will see a raise in their pay.

“While Florida’s minimum wage is only $8.46 an hour, starting on April 1, the minimum wage paid at Caffe Luna Rosa will jump to $12 an hour–and we are doing so because we believe it is in the best, long-term financial interests of both the business and our loyal, hard-working staff,” said the restaurant’s founder/partner Fran Marincola. “Of course, most of our 50 employees make much more than this, but several of our staffers will definitely see an increase in their paycheck.”

Marincola said it is important to invest in employees to improve the customer’s experience.

“For years, we have been guided by the philosophy that it makes sense to invest in our employees because they are the people that are the first contact with our customers,” he adds. “Most of our team members take a longer view of their employment with us and begin to take ownership in their jobs as well as in the restaurant as a whole. It is also one of the main reasons why our employee turnover is so insignificant.”