Birthday Kicks: Nike Air Jordan 1 High Zip in Bordeaux

nike air jordan high zip bordeaux

If you’re thinking about adding these Nike high-tops to a wish list, all I have to say is JUST DO IT! They’re super cute and so comfortable.

Incidentally…if you ask someone to get them for you, perhaps as a birthday gift, there’s a Filipino old wives’ tale I should tell you about. It says that if someone gives you a pair of shoes as a gift, you have to give them some money in return (even just a couple pennies will do); otherwise, badness ensues and the relationship suffers.

Of course, there’s also a Filipino old wives’ tale that says that if you fall asleep with wet hair, you’ll wake up blind… Yeah, that one caused me much anxiety as a child. 😬

So, I didn’t think much about the old wives’ tale regarding the shoe-money exchange until my college roommate gave me a pair of go-go boots as a gift. I loved them! — but I didn’t give her any money in return, and shortly thereafter our relationship grew tense. By the time she moved out at the end of the school year, we weren’t on good terms, and I blame the go-go boots!

All of this is to say that the moment I opened the box these Nike Air Jordan Zip Ups came in, which I got for my birthday from El Hub and Connor Claire, I immediately retrieved two quarters from my wallet and gave them to El Hub and Connor as a precautionary measure.

These shoes are so much cooler than I expected because they’re so comfortable! They’re so squishy inside… I feel like I’m walking on clouds, and because of the zipper, they’re easy to slip in and out of. The next time I go on a trip involving an airplane (whenever that may be), these will be my go-to sneaks.

The color is ah-mah-zing. Sometimes it’s a rich burgundy; other times a dark plummy purple. Now all I need is a nail polish to match!

One last item of note, although this applies to Nikes in general IMO, I suggest going a half size up, because I think Nikes run a little small. I usually wear a size 7 in most shoes, but I’m a 7.5 for sure in Nikes.

Your friendly neighborhood beauty addict,