Beloved Mucci’s doughnuts are coming back – City Pages

Each arrived crowned with a doughnut hole hat, inventive icings, fun toppings, and flavors that rotated from week to week. Often, Uhrich took crowd suggestions to keep offerings spicy.

But after three years of pulling double-time as an Italian restaurant and doughnut shop, the strain proved too much, and the doughnuts disappeared. Some folks shed tears. (We’re not judging.) They meant much to many.

Spreading the sad news at the time, Mucci’s teased the potential of their return sometime in the future.

Well folks, we’re delighted to announce that day will be upon us shortly. 

Just yesterday, Tim Niver (owner of both Mucci’s locations and Saint Dinette) teased the addition of weekend brunch service to Minneapolis’ Trattoria Mucci:

The still developing menu will include pastries and those once-forgone doughnuts—done slightly different than before: “We’re going to try to do this a little bit more on our terms and still give everybody what they want,” Niver told City Pages.

“[The doughnuts] will be part of the brunch menu and we’re hoping to develop an order ahead, pick-up scenario,” he said, before describing an online ordering system designed to let chefs anticipate how many doughnuts they’d be making, while eliminating the need for guesswork and/or lining up on the customers’ end. 

Beyond reviving doughnuts, the greater brunch menu is still coming together. Niver casually made mention of ricotta pancakes, and inventive use of the Hangover Kale by chef Uhrich—a longtime brunch fan. 

Niver anticipates Mucci’s new weekend brunch, including the rebirth of doughnuts (which, we cannot stress enoughwe are here for) will come together by mid- to late-February.