reminiscent of Katamari Damacy

I’ve spent the last couple of weeks being sick, being home a couple of days with a sick kid, being home for an unexpected snow day, dealing with Metro Schools losing my child in their system (child is fine, record is not,) and of course writing Joaquin Phoenix’s Oscar acceptance speech. Due to this I’ve had a lot of staring at my phone time and playing a whole lot of mobile games.

If you’re a fan of Katamari Damacy (the real game, not that mobile thing,_ and other similar gobble-up and grow big games, brings a bit of the feel of what the Katamari mobile game should have been.

There are two modes I’ve played so far – one is the standard 8 way fight for who has the biggest ball and who can gobble up the other players, and then there’s the destroy the city mode in which you see how big you can get and how much destruction you can cause.