30 Disney Baby Girl Names Inspired by Lesser-Known Characters

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Disney Baby Girl Names Inspired By Lesser-Known Characters

Look, we love the traditional baby girl names from the Disney movies as much as anyone else. But not everyone wants to have an Ariel or a Tiana, and not everyone wants to be as totally open about their fandom as they need to be to name a kid after a totally recognizable Disney princess. For moms who want to incorporate their love of Disney — and all that these stories mean to them — into their kids’ names, we’re totally in favor. And for those who want to full-on name their kids Aurora, we say go for it. But we’re also all about moms who want to keep it a little bit more subtle and name their kid something that has a quieter reference. These are names from Disney characters who have totally won our hearts over the years but who have been more in the background than some of the others — secondary characters and sequel stars. 

But we totally get the magic of naming a kid after any kind of Disney character. There are so many names inspired by beloved Disney characters. Even if parents are looking to name a girl, it’s worth taking a look at boy names inspired by forgotten Disney characters or simply classic Disney-inspired names for boys. Some of them are gender neutral, so for anyone looking for a girls’ name that could also play as a boys’ name will find inspiration. Names inspired by Disney villains is another avenue, because even if we don’t necessarily want our kid to act like some of these characters, they do have some of the best names (and the best lines). Then there are some magical names inspired by fairy tales, which aren’t Disney-specific, but have the same romantic roots.