20 Uses for Coffee You Didn’t Know About Before – Reader’s Digest

Uses for Coffee You Didn’t Know About Before | Reader’s Digest

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Coffee uses

Every coffee drinker knows that the morning doesn’t start until they’ve had their first cup of coffee. Did you know coffee has a variety of uses beyond starting the day with a bit of caffeine? From halting headaches to fertilizing plants, here are a few unusual uses for coffee you didn’t know before. Here are 21 genius uses for your spare coffee filters.


The caffeine in coffee can help relieve headaches

It’s great to have a cup of coffee to wake up in the morning, but it may also be good to have when you have a headache. “Caffeine can provide some headache relief. For example, one small controlled study found that caffeine was better than placebo, and as good as acetaminophen, in relieving tension-type headaches,” the American Migraine Foundation notes. Here are 3 common things you think trigger migraines but don’t.

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Coffee can fix furniture

Is that small crack, nick, or gouge all you can see each time you look at your dark wood dresser? Reach for the instant coffee. Mix two to three tablespoons with just enough water to make a thick paste; for wood with red tones, add a few drops of iodine. Put the paste on a small putty knife or a disposable plastic knife and use it to fill the crack. Remove any excess around the edges with a barely damp cloth. Let the paste dry completely, then buff with furniture wax. Make sure you know these 10 mistakes you make when rearranging your furniture.

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You can grill your food

Here’s a handy tip from Mother Jones. Turn a coffee can into a grill by cutting some holes into the metal bottom and a “moderate size” triangle into the top. Flip the can upside down and throw some kindling—dry pine needles, for example—into that triangular space and light. Once the metal bottom is heated up, add meat and veggies. Here are a few favorite grilling tips from professional chefs.