16 Thoughtful Gift Ideas for Drive-By and Virtual Baby Showers

Image: iStock/Etsy

Virtual baby shower gift ideas

Baby showers are one of those new-parent-to-be¬†rites of passage and a special moment that so many look forward to. It’s a great excuse for everyone to get together and celebrate the new life that is going to be brought into the world¬†and to take a look at the growing baby belly. Having a baby shower is one of those traditions that leave lasting memories, but with the worldwide health concerns, people have had to get creative instead of sticking with the usual activities.

Instead of large gatherings showering mom-to-be with endless love in person, many people are turning to drive-by or virtual baby showers in place of the typical get-togethers. It’s just safer, especially for pregnant woman who may be more susceptible to the virus and for older loved ones. This social distancing “party” is still a meaningful opportunity to give the parents-to-be endless support and gifts — without the boring baby shower games! But because these aren’t traditional showers, some are starting to think about the gifts in a different way.

Going out shopping isn’t as simple right now, and mom’s needs may also be slightly different. So before going with a stand baby shower gift for the next drive-by or virtual get-together, think a bit outside of the box. Here are 16 gift ideas for a drive-by or virtual baby shower that 2020 moms-to-be will love.