15 Hysterical ‘Quarantine Baby’ Pregnancy Announcement Ideas

quarantine pregnancy announcement

Finding out those two lines on the pregnancy test mean that there is a baby on the way is one of the most exhilarating times of life. There is so much to worry about and at the same time, so much to look forward to. There are not many times in life where a similar dual-feeling situation happens, and it’s nice when it’s good news.

Discovering that a baby is on the way means planning is just around the corner — not only planning for the pregnancy and labor but also all that comes afterward. But coming up with a way to share the news with family and friends that there’s another person coming into the world is one of the first things parents have fun figuring out. And given 2020’s state of bad news and health crisis that we are trying to navigate, a happy announcement — with a touch of humor — is just what many need. Instead of social media filled with more tragic updates, some are getting creative with sharing what happened when they didn’t practice social distancing — in the bedroom!

These parents took that and ran with it — and now we’ve got hysterical quarantine pregnancy announcements the rest of us can have a good giggle at. We’ve rounded up 15 of the best ideas for sharing “pandemic pregnancies” with loved ones.